Mechanical Services

Every mechanical movement is subject to wear and tear; therefore, regular maintenance and reconditioning is required to reap the full potential of the equipment.

Our capabilities include the maintenance, reconditioning, repair and installation of individual components and complete systems made up of equipment such as pumps, motors, manifold, hydraulic cylinders etc.

Our Specialty:

Rotating Equipment Services

Overhaul, repairs and recondition of Rotating Machinery Such as Winches, Pumps and Gearbox etc.

Commissioning & Overhauling of Hydraulic Deck Machinery.

Hydraulic Equipment Services

Maintenance & Overhaul and repair of individual components or entire hydraulic systems.

Troubleshooting and field services on site.

Lifting Equipment Services

Crane mechanical parts repair and servicing.

Grab repair and reconditioning works – Our Speciality

General and Plant Maintenance Services

On site plant maintenance related mechanical works.