Electrical & Instrumentation Services

We are confident of providing valuable services to our partners, to ensure key pieces of equipment are kept in the optimal condition by expert servicing. Our workshop in Singapore, armed with the most modern equipment and tools, is the optimum place to administer these repairs and overhauls. Spare parts and installation of new aspects can all be done at our workshop.

  • Detail Engineering of Electrical System.
  • Standby Generator System
  • Structural Cabling System
  • Switchgear, Transformer and Switchboard, Generators, Busduct, UPS, Battery, MCCs DBs, Control Panels, etc 
  • Explosion-Proof Installation 
  • Lighting and Small Power Installations
  • Earthing and Lightning Protection


  • Detail Engineering of I & C System.
  • Fabrication & Installation of Control Panel.   
  • Control Centre Equipment Installation.
  • Analyzer & Sampling System Installation.
  • Cabling System, including Raceway.
  • Calibration & Loop-checking
  • Transmitter, instrument, analyser installation
  • Servicing of control valves / Relief Valve / Instrument
  • Fire Protection System and Fire & gas system
  • Fire Pumps and Sprinkler System