Mechanical Services Draft

Every mechanical movement is subject to wear and tear; therefore, regular maintenance and reconditioning is required to reap the full potential of the equipment.

Our capabilities include the maintenance, reconditioning , repair and installation of individual component and complete systems made up of equipment such as pumps, motors, manifold, hydraulic cylinders etc…..

Our speciality:

Rotating Equipment Services

Overhaul, repairs and recondition of Rotating Machinery Such as Winches, Pumps and Gearbox etc…

Commissioning & Overhauling of Hydraulic Deck Machinery.

Hydraulic Equipment Services

Maintenance & Overhaul and repair of individual components or entire hydraulic system

Troubleshooting and field services on site

Lifting Equipment Services

Crane mechanical parts repair and servicing

Grab repair and reconditioning works – Our Speciality

General and Plant Maintenance Services.

On site plant maintenance related mechanical works